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Powerful conversations with incredible Entrepreneurs and Creatives all around the world will empower you to dispel the emotions of fear, worry, or self-doubt and know that, whatever your goals, you’ve got this! Why? Because Dreams ARE Real.

Dan McPherson, International Speaker and Founder of Leaders Must Lead is on a mission to help you overcome the momentum of zero and own your story on the way to building your ideal life.

Sep 26, 2019

Join us as our guest, 'Adventure Dan' Zehner, Operations focused Mechanical Engineer for Purdue University and NASA and founder of Anthem of the Adventurer Podcast and Tribe, explains how he has moved from holding a dream he discovered wasn't really his to crafting a lifestyle that prioritizes what he values most....

Sep 24, 2019

With more than 25 years of success as a founding member of Michigan based, internationally known Three Men and a Tenor, Chuck Colby understands the risk, rewards, and resiliency involved with being an entrepreneur in the music world. During our conversation he shares about his journey from college at Michigan...

Sep 19, 2019

Sua Truong is one of the most successful financial experts and coaches in Canada, but that success didn't come easy. In our conversation, he shares how overcoming early life challenges, an incredible work ethic, and incredible resiliency have allowed him to build a strong network, create wealth, and support many...

Sep 17, 2019

What is a Personal Evolution Coach? I wasn't sure, but Ian Hawkins joins us from Australia to answer that question and share why he has been empowered by connecting with his personal story, energy, and emotions and how he now helps others do the same.

About the Guest:

Ian Hawkins is the Founder & Creator of the Activate...

Sep 12, 2019

Join me as I go on location to Dog Might Games in Ann Arbor, MI to learn how an artist and a computer programmer, who knew very little about business, turned a love of gaming into a multi-million dollar success with a passionate tribe of 100,000+ followers from all over the globe.

About the Guest:

Dog Might Gaming...